MGB Rear View Mirror Mount Cover

Covers the mirror mounting location on the windshield. Prefect way to cover the mount when using the early style mirror that mounts to the center rod

Black cover with two 10-32x3/8 stainless mounting screws Item# MT213
Includes Worldwide Shipping

Gray cover with two 10-32x3/8 stainless mounting screws Item# MT214
Includes Worldwide Shipping

The Rear View Mirror cover is 3D printed using PETG, a strong, higher temperature plastic which will stand up to an automotive interior environment.

  • The mirror mount cover includes 2 , 10/32 x 3/8" stainless steel mounting screws.

  • Use this to cover your mirror mount if using an early MGB rear view mirror attached to the steady rod. Using an early rear view eliminates blind spots when cornering.

  • Pricing includes worldwide shipping .

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