MG Logo Cabinet Knobs

MG Logo Cabinet Knob - BLUE

1 Knob $7, 4 - $20, 8 -$36

MG Logo Cabinet Knob - RED

1 Knob $7, 4 - $20, 8 -$36

MG Logo Cabinet Knob - Iris Blue

1 Knob $7, 4 - $20, 8 -$36

MG Logo cabinet knobs. The MG logo is 1-3/16" (30mm) in diameter and 7/8" (23mm) high. The knob has a 8-32 nut inserted to provide a positive attachment to your cabinet door or drawer. The 8-32 attachment screw is a common screw to attach cabinet knobs. Simply use your old screw to attach the new knob. An attachment screw is not included but can be upon request. The length of the screw depends on the thickness of the door / drawer material.

The knobs are 3D printed using PLA, which is suitable for indoor or garage use.

Custom and other British car marques welcome, please Contact Us

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