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Modern touring designs parts that are 3D printed for the collector and sports car market. Designs and materials used provide excellent performance in their applications. Parts are also evaluated and functionally tested to insure high quality and performance.

What are the opportunities for 3D printed parts? Parts for performance, comfort enhancements along with an increasing number of replacement plastic parts are nearly impossible to find or simply not available. Low collector car volumes make an injection molded part cost prohibitive. 3D printing can fill this gap for low volume parts. There are some trade offs. The plastic available for 3D printing are limited with the temperature the part is exposed to being the main factor. We address this issue by using high quality PETG printing filaments. Surface finish on a 3D printed part is not as smooth vs an injection molded part. Print times are long for strong higher quality parts. This is the reason why 3D printing is not used in high volume production. Some part features can be difficult to accurately print and maintain strength and durability. Some designs that can’t be injection molded can be 3D printed.

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