Improved Sun Visor Anchor / Clip Bracket

Customer Reviews

I installed my clips today on the 1972 MGB.

Took me all of 30 minutes, including time to gather the tools needed (Drill, 1/8" bit, flat-bladed screw driver (helps in prying the old clip off of the windscreen after the rivets are drilled out), Phillips screwdriver, some steel wool (to clean up the windscreen where the old clips had been removed, some black RTV (which i used behind the new clip to give some protection behind the clip)

I'm very pleased.

Rick I.

I too have installed Jim’s visor clips and they work beautifully.. I would echo Ricks time on 30 minutes or less .. with some care it’s a simple job .. well worth the money.

David T.

Installed mine today.... VERY nice!!

Keith W.

I bought and installed a set. Why didn't someone think of these before?

One major irritant eliminated!

Bob L.

Thumbs up! Installed Jim's clips, great improvement on originals.

Hartley M.

These are great! I installed mine this afternoon. Piece of cake, 15 minute job.

Thanks for your efforts!

Eric O.

Another very satisfied customer. They work great and easy to installed . If I can do it anybody can...

I will be showing them off at our next MG Club meeting .

Thank you again for fixing a long nagging problem !

Marcus T.

What a relief those improved clips are ! After 3 years of swearing against my sun visor detaching every single bump, even tape wouldn't keep it in place (as soon as the sun hit it, it would melt). I couldn't find the parts for sale, only complete kits to mount the sun visors, which I didn't need. Then someone recommended those clips after I posted a cry for help on facebook, Jim Miller sent them to me right away and it took me 10 minutes to remove the old clips and install the new ones (plus 5 minutes to vacuum all the bits from drilling the rivets out

It looks good and it's more practical than the original clips.

François B.

Got mine and installed them today. Took maybe 15 minutes because my old ones were pop riveted in. Drilled them out very carefully.... hoping to avoid the windshield. On one side the original holes were a little farther apart. Just as i was getting ready to enlarge the holes in the clip, the screw went in and the screw threads caught.

All in all, nice work.

Well worth it.

Rich M.

I just installed these. Very good price and only took me 5 minutes to install. Thanks!

Jake M

Installed mine today. Jim is very fast with shipping. Ordered on Friday, received and installed today. Very nice product and easy to install. I was a little nervous about drilling that close to the windshield, but just took my time and it all turned out fine. I like the idea of using screws rather than rivets in case I ever need to replace the clips in the future. Thanks Jim!

Philip G

Just bought the visor clips. Prompt shipping and great communication with Jim. Good instructions not that you needed them!

Took about 15 minutes including vacuuming the car. Solves those visors from falling down in your face while driving or riding in the car. Great solution

Rusty C

I got me a set from Jim for my Midget and it worked great! The problem I was running with original clips, it will not hold the sun visor in place when I put the top up! Now with the new clips is no longer a problem!

Mr. Fig

Jim, very nice product. I had already drilled out the existing rivets so it was an easy job. Very nice. Thank you.

John B.

Jim, finally got to install the visor clips. Took all of ten minutes and most of that was getting the drill motor and bit ready. These clips are the best thing since sliced bread. No more putting the visors back in the clips numerous times. Thanks, :)-D

These Clips worked perfectly, as described!! Great Idea!!

Roger E.

- Such a great upgrade to the OE visor clips...received pretty quick too. Thanks!!

Rick I.