2018 Rabbit Show

A.R.B.A Double Open Show

Sunday June 10 2018



13 Frederick St, Millbrook, ON L0A 1G0


Fairgrounds, lots of food vendors and washrooms available. Rabbit show will be held in a large tent.


Registration will be held day of show, June 10th 2018 from 7:00am to 8:45am. Pre-show announcements/introductions at 8:45am. Judging starts at 9:00am sharp.

Show Superintendent:

David Bauer

Show Secretary:

Alisha Bauer – a.downes@hotmail.com 705-559-7259


This is a pre-entry show. Pre-entries can be done by email or call to the show secretary.

Pre Entry deadline is Thursday June 7th 2018 by 9:00pm (call) or 11:00pm (email)

$3.50 per rabbit/per show for pre-entry. There will be no day of show entries. There will be no fee or penalty for day of show scratches or switches. Cash (USD or CND) only day of show (USD taken at par with CND funds only).

SPECIAL Exhibitors with 25 or more entries in a single show gets a special of $3.00 per rabbit entry fee.

Gate Fee applies to all exhibitors

There is a $5.00 Exhibitor fee applied to each exhibitor.

No rabbit or cavy is officially entered until required fees are paid, which must be done prior to the start of the show.


Classes with 6 or more entries will be awarded prizes, less than 6 will receive flat ribbons. Prizes will be awarded to BIS, RIS, and BOBO (Best Opposite of the Best Opposite).


Joel Marshall and Tom Schweikart



Show Set Up:

This will be a carry case show. Double open all breed shows, ARBA Sanctioned.

As per A.R.B.A. show regulations each rabbit shall have a permanent identifying ear mark (tattoo) in the left ear. There will be a volunteer set up to tattoo rabbits at the show, fee to be determined by volunteer.

As per A.R.B.A. show regulations, :Show management must remove from the showroom all diseased or unsightly specimens and entry fees on such specimens will be forfeited.”

Open Sanctioned Show - OFFICIAL ARBA SANCTIONED SHOW, ARBA Executive Director, PO Box 5667, Bloomington, Illinois 61702. ARBA website: www.arba.net. Membership Dues: $20.00 per yr., 3 yrs. $50.00. Combination Husband & Wife: $30.00 per yr., 3 yrs. $75.00.

The American Rabbit Breeders Association host club reserves the right to refuse entries from exhibitors placing an entry from all locations within 150 miles which has had a confirmed outbreak of RCV/RHD/VHD within the past 60 days of the entry deadline.

All rabbits and cavies are entered and shown at the risk of the owners and/or exhibitors, and while show sponsors are expected to exercise all reasonable care in the handling and protection of the exhibits, show sponsors will not be liable.

No exhibitor will be allowed behind the judging tables, unless acting in an official capacity, which must be approved by the show superintendent or show secretary

For full list of Show Rules please refer to the A.R.B.A Official website: https://arba.net/PDFs/show_rules.pdf

Millbrook Fair

Entry Form


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