2020 updates coming soon.

2019 children's day

Thursday June 6th, 9:00am—1:30pm. Local school children have been invited to the fairgrounds for a fun and educational morning where they will participate in organized activities for the morning. Walk in's with pre-school children are welcome.


There are various POD’s (Places of Discovery) throughout the fairgrounds. Each POD is staffed by knowledgeable individuals who will share information with each group.


Grades 2-4 Students, Teachers & Parent Volunteers, parents with pre-school aged children who would like to come and visit!


The POD’s will be spaced throughout the fairgrounds. Map will be provided upon your arrival on June 6th.

What’s New

Each class will remain together as they visit each POD. We ask that you adhere to the schedule provided. Do not move until you hear the fire engine siren!!!