Most children's books model a traditional family.

A study out of the Cooperative Children's Book Center of Education found that of 3,700 books surveyed, less than 1% were children's picture books containing LGBTQ+ content.

With Mighty May Won't Cry Today, we offer something unique and relatable, a type of family that is rarely reflected in children's books: a story about two moms and their daughter May.

Please help us change the landscape of our world today and foster an environment of inclusion as opposed to difference.

With the publication of Mighty May Won’t Cry Today, together we will:

    • Show our future generation that other types of families and cultures exist.
    • Celebrate LGBT families and show that their lives and stories matter.
    • Encourage kids with LGBT parents to feel positive about their family structure, as opposed to different or sad.
    • Encourage other authors and publishers to launch books with LGBTQ+ primary characters.