Mighty May Won’t Cry Today

Tells the story of May, an imaginative and determined girl who tries not to shed a tear on her first day of school.

May's first day of school is filled with many adventures and emotions as she is faced with unexpected, embarrassing and overwhelming moments. Young readers will relate to the experiences of May's day—riding the bus for the first time or forgetting her favorite drink at home. May's experiences are real life moments; we asked parents, teachers and friends to share memorable school day moments that inspired this story.

As May is faced with challenges, young readers will delight in how she cleverly navigates the unexpected, resolves challenges in a positive way, and utilizes mindful techniques to work through her emotions.

At last May faces the ultimate challenge and she cannot hold back the tears. With the help of her two moms, she finds out WHY it's OK to cry and that even adults cry, both happy and sad tears!

Please note illustrations are sketches from the book and are subject to change.

Why a children's book about crying?

Mighty May Won’t Cry Today is a strong reminder that we should embrace and encourage children to express their emotions. Sometimes when children cry, it can be hard to understand what it really feels like for a child to be overwhelmed, scared or frustrated. We might even brush it off as insignificant or unimportant.

Crying is a way to show others we need help. This story shows how those around May (her teacher, friends, bus driver), all come to her aid when she expresses how she feels.

As adults we can lead by example, teaching and showing children that crying is OK. When was the last time you saw someone cry, particularly in front of a child?

Mighty May Won’t Cry Today teaches that crying is a natural part of who we are and how we express emotions, and through this story, children will connect with the emotions May feels—sadness, frustration, fear, joy—and learn that everyone cries (even adults!).