Claire-Voe and Kendra Ocampo have cried many tears together since falling in love in Boston and getting married in 2014 in New Jersey, just months after same-sex marriage became legal in the state. They’re two moms to three mighty daughters, Xiomara, Violet, and Skylar who cry often (and that’s okay!) about spilled milk, a wet diaper, or going to school. When they’re not writing, you might find Kendra and Claire-Voe eating Spanish tapas, video gaming, or watching sappy rom-coms which often brings them to tears.


Erica De Chavez is a Filipino-American children's book designer at HarperCollins Publishers during the day. By night, she is a freelance illustrator, designer, and storyteller. She lives in Clermont, FL with her fiancé and dog, reading comics and drinking tea when not painting or designing. A big sap when it comes to Korean soap operas and any stories that move her emotionally, Erica always, without fail, tears up when chopping onions. With her keen eye for design, Erica's detailed illustrations beautifully depict the nuances of May’s many emotions and experiences and the reactions and interactions of those around her throughout her day. A masterful and professional work of art, Erica's art weaves colors, setting, and characters together to elevate the story’s message.