The new v3 driver package

what is the diver package?

DIVAS Driver Package is all you need to get your EiconDivaServer Cards supported and running under Linux and providing CAPI 2.0 compatible functionality

Support for all DIVA Server cards (BRI, 4BRI, PRI, 4PRI, Analog and V- versions) e.g.

    • DIVA Server BRI (basic rate interface, 2 channels)

    • DIVA Server 2FX (basic rate interface, 2 channels)

    • DIVA Server 4BRI (four BRI)

    • DIVA Server PRI (primary rate interface, 30 channels)

    • DIVA Server E1/T1 (like PRI 30/23 channels)

    • DIVA Server 4PRI (four PRI)

    • DIVA Server Analog 4P (4 POTS lines)

    • DIVA Server Analog 8P (8 POTS lines)

(the V(oice)- variants don't support faxing with onboard DSPs)

The package contains all needed files

    • for kernel 2.4 (package 3.0.x only)

    • for kernel 2.6

    • divactrl utility

    • config wizard (dialog based)

    • firmware for all cards/protocols

    • full CAPI 2.0 support

Up to date with new features from Eicon (based on Eicon's source-level-RPM).

Does not patch your kernel (Eicon's source RPM does), kernel modules are built in separate directory.

Recommended for use with ChanCapi.


The current version of the diva driver package V3 can be downloaded from https://www.melware.org/filestore