FAQ DIVAS driver (V2)

Does DIVAS support V.110 rate adaption?

Yes. The DIVA Server cards do support V.110 and it is implemented in the DIVAS driver.

Although I ran std2kern, obviously not everything is built new after 'make'

There was a bug in the isdn4linux std2kern script(fixed in latest rev.) Most times replacing drivers/isdn/Makefile by hand helps. Otherwise simply remove all files from drivers/isdn recursive and do std2kern again.

I just got the driver, but I can't find the tty support anywhere in it.Looked all over, but module Divatty.o is nowhere, nor are the sources...

The Divatty.o is provided by EICONS binary-package and is not part of the open source DIVAS driver or isdn4linux.

Why is the ttyIx support not provided by Melware's DIVAS driver ?

The ttyIx support is provided by the all known isdn stuff! This is not part of the DIVAS driver.

What do I need to do to tell isdn.o that there are Eicon Cards available ?

Simply load the diva2i4l module.

Which modules at least are needed ?

Basically you need to load divas and divadidd. Using isdn.o in addition, you will need to load isdn.o and diva2i4l also.

I see compiler errors in debug.c / make[3]: *** [debug.o] - Why ?

Fixed since rel 1.1, some newer 'gcc' caused that.

Do I need to use CAPI ?

No. Using diva2i4l.o you can adopt the DIVAS driver to well known isdn.o and use it's intefaces. Also

simultaneously to CAPI.

Can I use CAPI for PPP/RAS ?

Sure. We recommend to use a 2.4.x kernel with implemented PPP stack, in combination with standard 'pppd' and the pppd-capiplugin from the isdn4k-utils(including examples)

I installed i4l_divas package. Can I add isdn4linux package afterwards/also ?

No. i4l_divas already contains i4l in modified version.

My installation cannot find divacapi !

Either it was not built because of missing selection in menuconfig or modprobe can't find due to missing dependencies. (try dempmod -a)

What are DIVAS modules for ?

divadidd (main module, always needed), divas (hardware driver, always needed for DIVA Server cards), diva_idi (gives userland access to IDI interface, for logging only) diva_mnt (debug tool, alpha not stable, needed for debug on load only) divacapi (link module between divas(divadidd) and kernel capi ) diva2i4l (link module between divas(divadidd) and Isdn4Linux native module isdn.o )

Found more modules - what are they for ?

kernelcapi (main CAPI module) capi (Userland access to CAPI2.0 Interface) isdn (native ISDN module for /dev/ttyI und isdn_net devices)

You refer to an rpm called divas4linux but i can't find it anywhere ...

We don't do that ! We offer two tar'ed packages on our sites to download but NO rpm's with that name !

What is that RPM package from EICON for ?

The diva4linux RPM package is provided by Eicon Networks only, because it contains binary-only drivers. It also includes a special driver for tty usage, which is maintained by Eicon only.

What is the alternative for the EICON's binaries ?

The open-source version "open diva" (i4l_divas or the melware driver). You can download the packages to update your kernel from www.melware.net.

What about the EICON config scripts ?

This script sets up all the eicon stuff. If you don't want to use the rc files created by cfg_divas, which are provided by Eicon, have a look at our INSTALL.divas file how to use the modules with Isdn4Linux and Capi4Linux. Notice that Eicons script does not support open-source Isdn4Linux drivers and eg. will not bring up i4l support to the driver.

When will my DIVA Server BRI (ISA) supported by DIVAS driver ?

EICON plans to release pre-compiled binaries for those cards. We do not have informations about schedule.

Latest information is that the ISA version of BRI card won't be supported with Linux.

Does DIVAS driver support my DIVA Mobile ?

No. Anyway only the analogue part of this card is supported as ttySxx. Only if EICON releases some secret informations, a driver development would be possible.

I run a SMP system. Do I have profit on using DIVAS ?

Yes. The DIVAS driver is SMP optimized and SMP save. Because older isdn.o is not SMP-save we recommend using CAPI instead !

How about V90 support and why has it async speed ?

If using Divas driver, V90 is tested and working. But keep in mind, that V90 is async. That means, you have an Diva Server card which is fast on incoming connections to your card. But establishing V90 outgoing to an ISP is reduced speed. If you have another V90 Modem try to dialin to your ServerCard and check speed. If you can reach rates higher than 56k your driver/firmware is ok. That's V90-ASYNC speed for up/downstream.