Can the new firmware of divas v3 package be used with older drivers?

No, the new firmware cannot be used with v2 or legacy driver.

I have divadidd module from v2 driver, can it be used together with new v3?

No, you cannot mix the versions of the drivers.

Are the new modules slated for inclusion in the stock Linux kernel sources soon?

No, it is not planned and the kernel maintainers won't accept this huge package anyway.

I am using Gentoo and cannot load REV3 Card

The Gentoo added driver and tool versions do not support REV3 cards. Either use the

downloadable latest versions from ftp://ftp.melware.net/ or check out the ebuild informations

at the gentoo bug tracker. Those can be found under http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=142634

Line-Interconnect across cards causes errors?

If you use Line-Interconnect within one card (e.g. across ports on 4BRI), then there is no problem.

But if you have more cards, then the clock source may not be synchronized and causes bit errors

(no problem for voice, but fax,modem,data connections may be faulty). If all cards (BRI),

or all first ports of 4BRI cards are in TE-mode and on one clock source like the public switch, then

all is synchronized without problems.

How can I change the permissions of node /dev/Divas ?

The nodes for the divas driver are created by the script divas_cfg.rc. Just add your own commands (like

chmod) to your boot scripts after you called divas_cfg.rc.

BRI special issues


Reject code if no application is listening

If no CAPI application is listening on an ISDN port, the default reject-code can be changed using:

/usr/lib/divas/divactrl mantool -c 1 -w"Config/Layer3/RejectCauseNoListen=17"

This example changes the reject code of controller 1 to '17'.