WARNING[6499]: chan_capi.c:3584 show_capi_conf_error: ISDN1: conf_error 0x0003 PLCI=0x101 Command=ALERT_CONF,0x8491

The error 0x0003 on ALERT_CONF is not a real error. It means (see file c20msg.c): "Alert already sent by another application". It happens when other CAPI applications are running or other ISDN devices are in the same ISDN bus. When such an application or device sends ALERT (Ringing) too, then the other applications/devices will get this note. [[BR]]'''This warning can be ignored.'''

WARNING[9051]: chan_capi.c:5754 cc_init_capi: CAPI not installed, CAPI disabled!

This error shows up if the CAPI device node {{{/dev/capi20}}} is not accessible. There are many reasons for this:

    • node /dev/capi20 does not exist

    • wrong permission on /dev/capi20

    • no CAPI driver for your hardware loaded/active