Hardware supported by chan-capi

Basically all cards should work, which

    • provides a CAPI 2.0 compatible interface.

Most of the cards don't provide this interface, but their drivers do.

Here is a list of cards known to be working:

Dialogic / formerly known as Eicon Networks

DIVA Server from [ Dialogic] (V and non-V cards)

    • DIVA Server BRI (basic rate interface, 2 channels)

    • DIVA Server 2FX (basic rate interface, 2 channels)

    • DIVA Server 4BRI (four BRI)

    • DIVA Server PRI (primary rate interface, 30 channels)

    • DIVA Server E1/T1 (like PRI 30/23 channels)

    • DIVA Server 4PRI (four PRI)

    • DIVA Server Analog 4P (4 POTS lines)

    • DIVA Server Analog 8P (8 POTS lines)

the V(oice)- variants don't support faxing with onboard DSPs

special features supported by Dialogic DIVA Server cards with chan-capi

    • onboard DSP DMTF detection.

    • onboard DSP DTMF generation.

    • onboard DSP echo-cancel.

    • onboard DSP faxing.

    • Line-Interconnect: direct bridge of b-channels even across cards via bus master DMA.

    • RTP: onboard DSP processes RTP frames including anti-jitter-buffer and different codecs (chan-capi-0.7 and better)

    • NT-mode: card act as ISDN-switch (not BRI Rev1, 2FX). A BriCrossCable is needed for that.


ISDN cards by AVM

    • FritzPCI

    • Fritz USB 2.X

    • B1

    • C2

    • C4


    • all supported cards by mISDN, but the mISDN-CAPI interface may be incomplete


    • PrimuX ISDN cards from Gerdes AG (Since a proprietary libcapi20 is provided by vendor for these cards, you cannot mix with CAPI cards of another vendor. This also makes debugging difficult.)