WW II Special Assignment

By Clayton F. Rasmussen

Review by Richard Ackermann

Another true story about Clayton Rasmussen, the son of a Baptist minister who optimistically takes the reader along on his personal experiences. It begins with Rasmussen reporting to the Draft Induction Center in Los Angeles where he finds that based on his civilian work e3xperience that he is drafted into the Navy Seabees and then off to Camp Perry, Virginia where the 110 Naval Construction Battalion was commissioned. Then to Gulfport for Combat Training and finally back to California for debarkation from Port Hueneme. He writes about his times on liberty from Port Hueneme and by the use of short stories involving military operations and adventures he reveals daily accounts of his personal life as a Seabee with the 110th Naval Construction Battalion from the invasion of Eniwetok up to and including their last Special Assignment of building the airfield on Tinian Island.