Saga of the Sixth

Review by Norman Rachels


This is the story of men whose deeds will long be remembered. Because it is a tale which needs no embellishing, we have tried to set it down exactly as it was, Great Lakes to Guadalcanal, Auckland to Okinawa, it is all here. There were giants among Us in those days, and there were ordinary men who did their Duty, and among them they made the Sixth a battalion without a peer. If our four months on Cactus bulks large in this history, it is because our time there, short by the calendar, was long in experience. Wherever Seabees and marines and airmen gather, the tale will be told again and again of “The Seabees on Henderson Field.” This is their story.

What happened is recorded in their Cruise Book,

“SAGA OF THE SIXTH Naval Construction Battalion 1942 – 45"

Attached here are a few Excerpts from their Cruise Book


Guadalcanal Construction Sept 1st 1942 – Jan 4th 1945

Tulagi Construction Sept 1st 1942 – Jan 4th 1945

Letters from "THE BRASS" and the Epilogue.

President of the United States CITATION

from The Secretary of the Navy

Chief of Naval Personnel Randall Jacobs

Naval Bases CACTUS – Ringbolt,

Commander J. P. Compton, U. S. Navy

Rear Admiral B. Moreell,

Navy Department Bureau of Yards and Docks

Headquarters U. S. Marine Corps A. A. Vandegrift,

Major General, USMC

South Pacific Force, US Pacific Fleet,

J. F. Shafroth, Deputy Commander

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