Seabees in War & Peace

By Kimon Skordiles

Book Review by Norman Rachels

The 1st Chapter is very profound and I would love to insert it on our website. So within compliance with the All rights reserved statement, as a "reviewer for the MCB-6 Logs", I can “quote in brief for a "magazine, newspaper, ..”

Below are the first two paragraphs of the 1st Chapter. Construimus-Batuimus (We Build - We Fight)

It has been said---without any exaggeration or prejudice---that the Navy's Construction Battalions, better known as the Seabees, paved the road to victory in World War II. The Seabees themselves neither confirm or deny it. When asked about their contribution or accomplishment, they simply and modestly answer, "We had a job to do and we had to do it fast and in the best possible way we knew how. We were called upon to help the fellow who was doing the fighting to get his job done, and we did it. Now, if that meant we had to fight, we did that too. It's that simple. As for our contribution to the war effort, let somebody else talk about that".