Margie Bowling's Portfolio

Learning is the key to unlocking your heart and following your passion.

About Margie

Motivated instructional designer and educator with 20 years of combined experience in life science, education, and software and product development industries. Expertise includes instructional design, eLearning, and curriculum/content development for professionals in life science, insurance, career transition, and education industries. Known as an innovative and collaborative problem solver with an ability to curate content, create design improvements, and streamline processes for effective learning solutions. 

On a personal note, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, as well as hiking, biking, walking/running, skiing, and watching movies.  I also enjoy listening to music, singing and playing my flute in a small ensemble, and singing in a community choir.  If I'm not doing those activities, you can find me reading and learning about all kinds of topics and doing my best to be creative on my computer!

Margie and an IDOL Courses Academy Podcast

To learn more about Margie and IDOL Academy (currently enrolled), listen to this podcast: "Leaving the Classroom: A Teacher Transition Podcast with Kristi Olivia Episode 20 A Day in the Life of a Corporate ID with Margie Bowling"