Scripting Reference

Change Log

Version 1.6

- Fixed a glitch that delayed clamping of "forced clamping" based axii.

Version 1.5

- Added automatic moving platform functionality.

- Overhauled snapping functionality, simplifying use and improving results.

- Deprecated PhysixMeshSnapping script, as it is no longer needed for mesh snapping.

- Fixed stuttering on IsTriggering() function calls.

Version 1.4

- Fixed a glitch involving the destruction of currently-snapped-to surfaces.

- Overhauled function to determine if physix is colliding with anything, fully preventing false positives and negatives.

- Fixed a glitch related to duplicating Movement Modules.

Version 1.3

- Fixed a glitch when enabling and disabling colliders/game-objects, preventing false positives for Physix Collision Functions.

- Optimized physix to use less memory.

Version 1.2

- Added snapping functionality to collision modules, to snap physix onto a surface.

- Physix now prevents velocity from changing while paused.

Version 1.1

- Added Pause() and Play() functions.

- Added an "Ignore Layer" option to hit-boxes.

Version 1.0

- Original