Radial Cloth

Scripting Reference

Change Log

Version 1.6

-Upgraded neighbor-based simulation to produce higher quality simulation, at lower cost.

-Upgraded cloth collision to be produce more realistic simulation.

-Normal recalculation is now one to one identical to the data defined when importing a mesh.

-Various quality of life improvements when utilizing RadialCloth on a grand scale.

-Alt-zooming no longer freezes the editor view.

-Skinned Mesh simulation now handles non-normalized bone arrays.

Version 1.5

-Added new Area of Effect functionality to the Radial Wind component.

- Added an auto-optimize function for parent based optimization of Radial-based vertices.

- Fixed a glitch preventing the user from changing vertex types while multiple types of vertices were selected.

- Optimized the undo/redo functions to speed up editing of meshes with large amounts of vertices.

- Updated drag functions to produce more realistic visuals.

Version 1.4

- Added an Auto-Rig option for Neighbor-Based cloth.

- Added proper Undo/Redo functionality.

- Optimized initialization of vertex neighbors.

Version 1.3

- Added optimization options to greatly improve performance.

- Added local multipliers to apply edits to all vertices on a mesh. Great for drooping/wet cloth.

- Fixed cloth clipping problem with group based collision.

Version 1.2

- Optimized collision, adding three new ways to calculate cloth collision.

- Fixed vertex displacement at high speeds

- Wind magnitude now directly influences wind intensity.

- Updated how vertices react to wind intensity, making more appealing cloth at high speeds.

- Updated inspector with new collision based options.

- Optimized cloth visualization to be more realistic.

- Optimized Skinned mesh rendering to be 10x faster.

Version 1.1

- Fixed scene view selection offset glitch.

- Finalized user input scripts, adding a left-click drag box.

- Optimized parent-based cloth simulation.

- Fixed glitch with calling RadialCloth functions, that called them on RadialClothRuntime instead.

Version 1.0

- Original