I'm fluent in c++, C#, and JavaScript; and I'm a god at using the Unity3D Engine. If needed, I could totally teach myself any language I want. Because I am one smart cookie.

Unity3D Assets

Unity3D kind of REALLY sucks when it comes to writing good systems code, that a self respecting developer can actually use. so whatever I don't like (Input handlers, character controllers, cloth simulators, etc), I code my own.


Physix is a rigidbody character controller that allows for perfect customization of any collision and/or movement based attributes; Allowing you to make the perfect controller for any game object or project. Physix simplifies collision handling by doing any and all calculations you WOULD need for your game automatically, allowing you to simplify your code, and produce high quality movement systems in record time.


- Angle based hit-boxes for easy-to-setup collision systems.

- Scene view hit-box editor.

- Simple Inspector for quick movement setup.

- Supports ALL collider types.

- Easy to understand scripting functions for any Physix data you need for your game (Collisions, Triggers, Enters/Exits, etc).

Radial Cloth

Radial cloth is the end all be all for quick and beautiful cloth rendering. If you are looking to render awesome cloth with little cost on your wallet, and little cost during run-time, then Radial Cloth is the simulator for you.


- Three types of cloth simulation, to insure that you don't waste performance.

- Support for both skinned and non-skinned meshes.

- Easy to use editor window to allow for quick and intuitive cloth setup.

- Simple yet robust cloth collision, for any mesh or collider.

- Global wind script to ensure that your cloth functions however you want, in any environment.

- World based physics.


INPUT is a universal input handler that heavily simplifies input based code, making complicated game-pad setups painless and easy to utilize.


- Automatic fixing of bad input devices; Gamepad joysticks with non-zero resting positions, non -1 to 1 axis ranges, etc.

- Built-in Input simulation functions for AI and/or computer controlled players.

- Integer based Input indexing (Buttons and Joysticks), for effortless setup and editing during run-time.

- Built-in data management functions to remove the pain of saving and loading input configurations.

- Everything the default Input handler can do, except simpler and easier to edit.

Works in progress


Unity's new Mechanim system is really useful and powerful, but sucks when trying to use Mechanim based code. AnimEdit is simply a program that empowers the old Animation system, allowing you to apply "Edits" to your animations during run-time. This will allow you to Rotate joints, move joints, and make joints look at points in 3D space. This will allow the old unity animation system to compete with Mechanim on a functional level, while still maintaining it's simple and robust coding tools.

Dynamic Audio

Unity's audio controls can be a little convoluted at times. Simply playing a sound can include 5+ steps of setup before you get the required result. Dynamic Audio is a script that acts like a pooling function for audio sources, allowing you to simply run all audio calls through script, allowing Dynamic Audio to do all the setup for you. This will also include On-call functions that will allow you to seamlessly edit the volume, pitch, speed, and frequency of sounds you play, allowing you to create some pretty impressive audio systems with little to no effort.