the retreat


The Retreat offers an intensive rehabilitation for the soul, an isolated luxury wellness environment designed to heal and more importantly to forgive even if the harsh Scottish island location isn't.
Guests are welcome on a strictly invitational basis only and the exclusive clientele have only one thing in common, guilt.
They arrive as strangers but during therapy they will reveal their innermost secrets to each other in order to try and move forward in their lives and leave behind their collective tragedies, sharing can be healing after all. But is everyone here what they seem?
The Retreat's charismatic leader holds sway over an obedient staff and our patients. As intense therapy sessions begin to expose the guilty baggage that the guests are carrying the lines between memories and reality is fading. One by one the patients are led into the basement to undergo private sessions that unleash their own personal horrors upon the world and they are hungry.
One by one our guests are forced to face their pasts until the patient list dwindles away and they are forced to band together in a fading survival attempt to escape the island and their own personal demons.
Some guilty secrets are meant to stay buried.