asylum trilogy


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Amazon US Horror Chart #5 best seller.

Voted 5th on The Horror Novel Review's Top 10 Books of 2013

2014 Readers Favorite Gold Medal Winner for Anthology Fiction 

Blackwater Heights is a building with a long dark history, some of it is well known but more is shrouded in myth and legend. None more so than that of its founding father Horace Whisker.

Martin Parcell is an ex-journalist with shattered dreams of an author's career. Sidelined through a car crash's injuries, he finds himself forced through governmental austerity measures having to take a custodians position at a private mental health hospital. A writer with undoubted talent, but an author without a story.

He begins his new job deep in depression and drowning under waves of his lost dreams. On his first night he meets Jimmy, his elderly supervisor who has spent most of his life within the hospital walls. Jimmy is nearing retirement age and desperate to rest his weary bones. Jimmy offers Martin a way out for both of them, access to the background histories and stories of the hospital's patients.

A collection of 13 tales from the darkly disturbed minds of the 

residents of Blackwater Heights.


Welcome back to Blackwater Heights, it's time to take another tour.

After a breakout and a devastating fire, the private hospital is finally refurbished and opening its doors for business again.

But the evil that has blighted this place runs deeper than the concrete foundations. Its very nature attracts darkness and now another storm is brewing.

Some of the most disturbed minds sit within the padded walls of Blackwater Heights. 13 tales to tell and each is more shocking than the last.

Dr Hilary Meeker is about to take up her position on the staff. An ambitious woman looking to make her mark and climb the professional ladder with little regard to those she steps upon.

Dr Elgon Perrin runs the hospital, an unusual man with a unique style. But is he all that he seems? Are his methods too extreme? And is he more dangerous than the inmates that he stands guard over.


It begins with an enticing invitation, a private preview for the first guaranteed haunted house tourist attraction.

Skeptical minds brought together in a building steeped in a bloody history, all with their own dark secrets to protect.

It had been a long time since this building was a private hospital and housed the most dangerous and deranged minds. Now it has a new owner and a new purpose

It is a house that feeds on darkness and only attracts the very worst in humanity. Stone floors and walls that have witnessed the brutality of man and has blood seeped into its very foundations.

The doors are open and the rooms are ready to receive its first guests and their darkest secrets, welcome to Crowtree Manor.