He fell from the stars and changed the world.

Part hero and part government propaganda Cosmic Jones was soon joined by humans enhanced by his superior technology to fight by his side. Named The Queen's Guard, Dr Quantum, Bull, Crimson and Six-Shooter became symbols for the people in the war against terror, but these were no ordinary recruits despite their carefully constructed public personas.

The events at Havencrest represented the bloodiest & costliest battle of the war and finally brought an end to the violence but at what cost? Celebrated as a resounding victory for good, the government used the battle to prove their methods right but only those who were there would ever know the truth of what happened on that black day.

It has been 30 years since the team disbanded. The Queen's Guard may have long since gone their separate ways but a brutal murder on live TV is about to bring them all back together whether they like it or not.

Secrets and lies are exposed as the truth is ripped free from the grave shining a light on everything thought hidden with a dark conspiracy that may very well tear the entire country apart. A roller coaster of bloody violent action and murder is revealed as the mystery deepens and nothing and no one is quite what they seem.