prime time


They were the best of friends. Four teenagers thrown together on the set of the TV show "Reaper". It was a late night guilty pleasure of the eighties, a slasher loose in a land of endless fashion victims. But a shadow loomed over the show when a fatal accident claimed the life of the stuntman who wore the Reaper mask.

In a time before the internet and ravenous social media the death was covered up by the studio and only those involved ever knew what really happened as the four young actors were torn apart and sent their separate ways.

Now the eighties show is being resurrected, a second life on the cult convention circuit. Faithful fans who never let the show truly die have garnered enough interest to bring the cast and crew back together.

An isolated mountain top luxury resort seems like the perfect location for a secret meeting to discuss the rebirth of a classic away from prying publicity seeking eyes. Everyone here as their own reasons for coming, the faded pop star, the unemployed actor, the desperate for money and those just seeking to reconnect with lost friends.

The invitations are sent, the rooms are prepared, 

the phones are off the hook and the do not disturb signs are hung.