Unit 1: Prime Time

Key concepts

  • I can classify numbers as prime, composite, even, odd or square.
  • I can solve problems using factors and multiples.
  • I can use strategies for finding common factors and common multiples between two whole numbers.
  • I can use strategies to find the least common multiple (LCM) and the greatest common factor (GCF)..
  • I can recognize and solve problems that call for the LCM or the GCF.
  • I can recognize that every whole number can be written in exactly one way as a product of prime numbers (prime factorization or factor tree).
  • I can recognize the distributive property and relate it to the area of a rectangle.
  • I can use the properties of operations, including the distributive property, to write equivalent numerical expressions.
  • I can solve problems using the order of operations and distributive property.