Tiger Stories from India

Here is the first set of stories from India. Reading all the stories will take less than an hour. If you find one you really like, try reading it out loud so you can catch every detail.

Uncle Tiger. This story is about a woman who goes to live with Uncle Tiger and Aunt Tigress.

The Tiger's Foster Child. This story features a child who is raised by tigers.

The Tiger and the Hare. In this story, the hare is the only animal brave enough to confront the hungry tiger.

The Tiger and the Foolish Donkey. This story features a wounded tiger, his jackal companion, and a foolish donkey.

The Goats, the Tiger, and the Monkey. This story shows how a he-goat and she-goat are able to outwit both a tiger and a monkey.

The Brahmin Girl who Married a Tiger. This fairy tale is about a shape-shifting tiger and his human bride.

Image credit: Bengal tiger. Wikimedia.