Exploring the intersections of economic practices and other-than-humans

7am New York9am Buenos Aires1pm Paris2pm Helsinki3pm Istanbul8pm Manila11pm Sydney


Eeva Houtbeckers

Aalto University

Galina Kallio

University of Helsinki

Invented by humans, the concept of economy has become to occupy a powerful role in our societies. Interdisciplinary and heterodox views treat “the economy” in plural and seek to examine how what we end up calling the economies gets re- produced through diverse practices. Essentially, economic action is deeply reliant on the larger web of life including both humans and more-than-human beings as people organize their everyday lives around subsistence on the one hand, and fulfilment of needs and wants on the other. In this working group we seek for new conceptualizations, experiences, critical and interdisciplinary explorations as well as methodological experiments in the intersections of economic practices with other-than-human beings.

This thematic session focuses on the intersections of economic practices and other-than-humans. With this thematic session, we want to bring together people working on theories, concepts and methods exploring the linkages between economic practices and the wider web of life. How do diverse practices of production and reproduction, exchange, consumption, livelihoods and sustaining of one’s community connect to the wider web of life? How to account for the needs of other-than-humans in diverse economies? What other questions emerge? Join for an interactive session including introductions + 1 hour of facilitated dialogue + wrap-up.