Interesting Facts over 98 Years

Organized in 1921. Clara Hall was 1st President

1st Eat Stand in August, 1921. Profit was $168.61

Did not meet in July and August, 1929. Now don't meet in January and July

Juniors under the leadership of Iva Wangness had picture in the National News in 1931

In 1932, Julia Sanders was President and Selma Eitreim, Secretary won the gavel bell for having the highest average in all auxiliary activities. The bell is used at every meeting now.

Julie Sanders started honoring Past Presidents at the March meeting in 1932. She gave them each a rose. Past Presidents are still honored at our March meeting.

1st Essay Contest was in 1933. First theme was "What could be expected from present yough for teh realization of Peace" 60 papers were entered. Robert Sanders won. The students in grades 3rd thru 12th still enter the Poem and Essay Contests.

Poppies have been distributed since the start of the poppies. Over the years, some were from on the street, in stores, and help from the Juniors and 4/H Clubs.

Clara Halls was elected Dept. President in 1935-36 in Hot Springs. Darlene Zweep was elected Dept. President in 1991-1992 in Pierre. Paul Evenson was elected Dept. Commander of the Legion. 1st time the president and commander were from the same unit and post in SD.

Unit #23 has the honor of having 2 girls attend Girls Nation--Victoria Dubbelde in 1992 and Susan Happel in 1993.

In 1934, a dark blue picnic table with gold lettering was put in use at the dam. They hoped it wouldn't be misused. This year our Auxiliary paid for 1/2 a bench to be placed in Splitrock Park.

Bingo at Palisade Manor started in 1981. Volunteers from Unit #23 still work Bingo there the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Furnish quarters and lunch at the VA Hospital once a year, also have a party there on one of the floors.

Card chairman sends get well, sympathy, and birthday cards to our members.

Auxiliary members have a pot luck supper for the Legion at the September Meeting--Bring cookies and candy for legion after December meeting.

Our present Memorial Day Auxiliary Program started in 1942.

Our Auxiliary furnishes gifts for The Gift Shop at the VA Hospital in Sioux Falls. Many members have volunteered there.

The teachers and other school employees are remembered during Education Week with apples and candy kisses.

We have a bake-less bake sale every May to pay for our scholarship and our Girl Staters.

Unit #23 is a very active unit. Many more activities have been completed during our 98 years that are not listed.

Always looking for new members!