Women Rights

National Commission for Women

Complaint & Invetigation Cell

The Complaints and Invetigation Cell of the commission processes the complaints received oral, written or suo moto under Section 10 of the NCW Act.

The complaints received relate to domestic violence, harassment, dowry, torture, desertion, bigamy, rape, refusal to register FIR, cruelty by husband, deprivation, gender discrimination and sexual harassment at work place.

The complaints are tackled as below :-

  • Investigations by the police are expedited and monitored.

  • Family disputes are resolved or compromised through counseling.

  • For serious crimes, the Commission constitutes an Inquiry Committee which makes spot enquiries, examines various witnesses, collects evidence and submits the report with recommendations. Such investigations help in providing immediate relief and justice to the victims of violence and atrocities. The implementation of the report is monitored by the NCW. There is a provision for having experts/lawyers on these committees.

The State Commission, the NGOs and other experts are involved in these efforts.

The complaints received shows the trend of crimes against women and suggests systemic changes needed for reduction in crimes.

The complaints are analyzed to understand the gaps in routine functioning of government in tackling violence against women and to suggest corrective measures.

The complaints are also used as case studies for sensitization programmes for the police, judiciary, prosecutors, forensic scientists, defense lawyers and other administrative functionaries.

As per the 1997 Supreme Court Judgment on Sexual Harassment at Workplace, ( Vishakha Vs. State of Rajasthan ) every employer is required to provide for effective complaints procedures and remedies including awarding of compensation to women victims. In sexual harassment complaints, the concerned organization are urged to expedite cases and the disposal is monitored.

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