(g) "delivery", in relation to a lecture, includes delivery by means of any mechanical instrument or by radio-diffusion;

(h) "dramatic work" includes any piece for recitation, choregraphic work or entertainment in dumb show, the scenic arrangement or acting form of which is fixed in writing or other wise but does not include a cinematograph film;

( i ) "engravings" include etchings, lithographs, wood-cuts, prints and other similar works, not being photographs;

( j ) "exclusive licence" means a licence which confers on the licensee or on the licenses and persons authorised by him, to the exclusion of all other persons (including the owner of the copy right), any right comprised in the copyright in a work, and "exclusive licensee" shall be construed accordingly;

(k) "Government work" means a work which is made or published by or under the direction or control of---

( i ) the government or any department of the Government;

( ii ) any Legislature in India;

( iii ) any court, tribunal or other judicial authority in India;

( l ) "Indian work" means a literary, dramatic or musical work, the author of which is a citizen of India;

( m ) "infringing copy" means, ---

( i ) in relation to a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work, a reproduction thereof otherwise than in the form of a cinematograph film;

( ii ) in relation to a cinematograph film, a copy of the film or a record embodying the recording in any part of the sound track associated with the film;

( iii ) in relation to a record, any such record embodying the same recording; and

( iv ) in relation to a programme in which a broadcast reproduction right subsists under section 37, a record recording the programme,

if such reproduction, copy or record is made or imported in contravention of the provisions of this Act;

( n ) "lecture" includes address, speech and sermon;

( o ) "literary work" includes tables and compilations;

( p ) "musical work" means any combination of melody and harmony or either of them, printed, reduced to writing or otherwise graphically produced or reproduced;

( q ) "performance" includes any mode of visual or acoustic presentation, including any such presentation by the exhibition of a cinematograph film, or by means of radio-diffusion, or by the use of a record, or by any other means and , in relation to a lecture, includes the delivery of such lecture;

( r ) "performing rights society" means a society, association or other body, whether incorporated or not, which carries on business in India of issuing or granting licences for the performance in India of any works in which copyright subsists;

( s ) "photograph" includes photo-lithograph and any work produced by any process analogous to photography but does not include any part of a cinematograph film;