Laulani Teale

This is my "absolute basics" site. I also design and/or admin a few others.

Check out: Ho╩╗opae Pono Peace Project, Liko's Site, and Kahuli.

I also work on Protect Mauna Kea,, Stop RIMPAC, and a few others.

I am an activist, musician, peacemaker, artist, minister, birth helper, plant person, writer, health worker, and a few other things ("Laulani" means lots of heavenly stuff, like the leaves on a tree. So one meaning of Laulani is "extreme quantity of cosmic stuff" -- and I pretty much live up to it).

Most of my work is unpaid (and I do work hard). If you would like to help me out, donations are always VERY much appreciated. Or you can hire me for specific things that I can charge is a list of some of those.