Peace Work

I am the Coordinator of Hoʻopae Pono Peace Project, an affiliate of Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples.

I have training and experience in both Hoʻoponopono and mainstream peace methods (mediation, group facilitation, negotiation, etc.). But most of my peace methodology is what I would call a "construction worker" approach. I'm good at fixing and building things, and helping others to build what they need. This includes peace and creative agreements.

Because I am also an activist and fighter, and have a lot of experience with a very wide range of people, I can work with people that others may have difficulty with. I can also often bring people together who might seem impossible to others.

Again, most of my peace work is unpaid. I do not believe in charging people for "services"; I help as I am able. People can give me something if they want, but I truly do not expect this. Of course, donations are welcome, either to Hoʻopae Pono (tax-deductible, select from Affiliate dropdown here) or to me. This helps me to stay afloat and flexible, so that I can help people as they need it.