Hire Me

Most of the work that I do is unpaid. However, I can do certain types of work for money, and do a good job at what I do. Here are some things I can do:

  • Consultant work. I am a really good peace strategist and solution-builder. I do this for free in the community, but can also be hired to help in the business/nonprofit world. HOWEVER, I need to be clear that I will not under any circumstances facilitate harm to the land or people. I can assist with exit strategies, internal conflict resolution, cultural counseling, and space healing, among other things. I also have a strong Public Health background, with an emphasis on Kanaka Maoli and warrior health, and cultural healing (laau lapaau, hooponopono, historic healing). I am great on think tanks, and in working with tricky problems that have both practical and spiritual elements. I am a professional negotiator, and have worked in high-tension situations. I also do consultations in partnership with my mentor, Liko Martin.
  • Facilitation and Recording. I am an expert facilitator, and can work with difficult and culturally sensitive situations. I have experience with very large groups, small groups and everything in between. I have training in consensus-building, focus groups, and several problem-solving techniques. I am also a very good flipchart recorder. I have lots of references.
  • Art for hire. I have done doors, walls, boats and furniture. I also design shirts, album covers and other projects. I can also create paintings for specific spaces.
  • Music. Liko and I play all kinds of places. In addition to actual shows, we do musical "missions" to visit elders, play in hospitals, etc. I also play on my own, and can be hired for weddings, events, etc. I can write songs and jingles on request, and I can help people turn their poems into music.
  • Trainings. I can conduct trainings in almost anything I do. I am especially great with youth.
  • Landscaping and yard work. I have designed outdoor spaces, and am good with plants. I can also build with stone, tile, wood and recycled materials. I have a good feel for soil health and can advise as well as work with my hands in the dirt.
  • Cleaning. I make my own natural cleaners, and do a great job cleansing a space. I do NOT do commercial maintenance, such as tidying vacation rentals. My cleaning work has a cleansing element that is very helpful for people who are sick, have a new baby, dealing with the possessions of a deceased loved one, or are feeling ashamed of a messy area or what other people call a "hoarding" problem (I don't call it that). I prefer to work alongside people in this cleansing (if they are able-bodied and can make the time), as it greatly boosts the quantity that can be accomplished. This is the one thing I have a set rate for: $20 per hour.