I just want to highlight some of the many great close teachers and mentors I have had in my life. Of course, there were MANY more. Will keep adding.

Kawaipuna Prejean (1943-1992). Kawaipuna was a great diplomat and instagator of the Hawaiian movement. He taught me so much. I am supposed to be taking on some of this international work (per Puhipau). Still looking for a way.

Kupuna Tom Maunupau 1925-1998. Great kupuna, Hawaiian language expert, visionary, aloha ʻāina philosopher. I inherited the kuleana of driving him around and playing in his band when Kawaipuna passed on in 1992. Formed "Uncle Tommy's Aloha ʻĀina Gang," which was a super fun music group that lasted from 1993 to 1998.

Kamakahukilani Von Oelhoffen (1935-1999). Kamaka was an awesome force of Aloha ʻĀina. Archaeo-Astronomer, warrior, creator, and "Walking, Talking Education", she was a true master of the cosmic dance.

Dr. Richard Kekuni Blaisdell was a great leader in Kanaka Maoli health and sovereignty. I worked with him for many years. He pushed me to get my master's degree in Public Health, and to do stronger organizing work in the movement.

Papa Henry Auwae, Pookela Laau Lapaau (master healer). He was a great and very strict teacher. I learned SO much from him. My fellow haumana (students) are still working together, and many are doing great things now. So grateful for all that he taught us.

Dana Rae Park. Hawaii's first draft resister to the Viet Nam war, folk singer, lifelong activist. Oh Dana. I wrote an article about him here.