Most of my work is unpaid (and I do work hard). If you would like to help me out, donations are always appreciated.

There are several ways to help.

  • You can donate to Ho╩╗opae Pono, which helps my peace work and is tax-deductible, by choosing us from the dropdown list of SGF Affiliates here.
  • Or if you want to just give me some money via PayPal, you can do that here -- I am always grateful (and broke)!!
  • I can also use Hawaiian miles, as I have to travel a lot. Here is a link to donate miles!
  • And we always accept donations to Food Not Bombs (food, medical supplies, etc.) every Sunday at Thomas Square, 5:30 to 8 pm. Or schedule a pickup for larger donations. I can especially use large bags of organic sugar, rice or beans, as I cook for a lot of people!
  • And the big one is land. I can do some great things with land, and I have none to really work with right now. If anyone has some they want to put to good use, let's talk.

Contact me at if you have any questions!