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Love science and our Lake Nona community? If yes, then Science NHS at Lake Nona High School is for you! Join our wonderful members led by a skilled group of officers to make a mark in our community with events such as the annual STEAM Night, cooking at the Ronald McDonald House in Nemours, volunteering at the Otronicon Science Center, beach clean ups, campus clean ups, and several other opportunities. Along with this, we go on a science themed field trip every year that is a treat for all! If you are interested, please visit our members page to view full requirements and our forms page to fill out an application!

Science National Honor Society Mission

  • To encourage and recognize scientific and intellectual thought
  • To advance students’ knowledge of science
  • To communicate with the scientific community, and
  • To encourage students to participate in community service and, in turn, encourage a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge.