“God has entrusted me with myself. No man is free who is not master of himself. A man should so live that his happiness shall depend as little as possible on external things. The world turns aside to let any man pass who knows where he is going.” ― Epictetus

Seeking Truth and Sharing Principles That Empower People

A video reflection of Kweliworks in 2020 as well as our plans and hopes for 2021.

KweliWorks is an educational institute dedicated to seeking Universal Truths and defining principles that show people how to:

  • reach their potential,

  • empower themselves, and

  • to achieve their dreams in a manner that creates a better world.

Kweli means Truth in Swahili, one of the national languages of Africa. Truth is the Northstar of all our work.

We teach primarily through:

  • empowering talks,

  • experiential learning workshops,

  • webinars, and

  • television programs custom-designed for your staff or target audience.

The idea is to help empower institutions and people to create the platforms they need to execute their dreams.

What We Do:

KweliWorks operates in six interrelated areas of product development and service:

  1. We produce educational, news and public affair programs and introduces to our audience information and educators that encourage, stimulate and facilitate them in becoming more enlightened, conscious and disciplined in the areas of self-empowerment and self-development.

  1. We manage a distinguished and world-class faculty of experts in a wide variety of Self-Empowerment Disciplines. Kweliwork arranges the booking of our faculty (Educators/Speakers/Producer/Reporters/ Presenters/Presenters) with Graduating classes, Conventions, Banquets, and Special Event Planners, worldwide.

  1. We team with our faculty in organizing and producing workshops that help our audience to empower themselves.

  1. We team with our faculty in producing digital products such as Webinars, On-line Courses and Special Presentations to educate and deliver tools to enable our students/learners to empower themselves.

  1. We team with clients in producing On-line Courses and On-line Consultation to educate and develop tools to enable our students/learners to empower themselves.

  1. We team with our clients and sponsors in producing digital media productions in any area of development.

Areas of Expertise including:

  • Art and Business of Photography

  • Business Development, Fundraising & Capital Development,

  • Broadcast Journalist,

  • Core Values,

  • Escaping Physical Violence, Sexual Abuse, Child Abuse, Domestic Abuse and Beginning Again,

  • The Empowerment Game,

  • Escaping the Plantation (work slavery),

  • Financial Management,

  • Focus (In the Zone),

  • Ghost Writing,

  • Grief Consulting,

  • Grief Relief,

  • Knowing The Power of Herbs,

  • Hormone Balancing,

  • Inspiration,

  • LatinCARDIO,

  • Mastering Flow Art,

  • Mastering Poker Personalities,

  • Mastering the People Smart Matrix,

  • Meditating,

  • Mental, Physical and Emotional Balance & Fitness,

  • Natural Cosmetics

  • Performance Arts,

  • Plant-based Dieting, Cooking and Juicing,

  • Publishing,

  • Qi Gong,

  • Relief from Grief,

  • Spiritual, Natural, Mental, Emotionally Well-being, and Healing,

  • Soul Therapy,

  • Story Telling,

  • Triumph Against All Odds Inspirational Stories.

  • Writing,

  • Women Empowerment,

  • Working and Thinking Smart and Outside the Book,

KweliWorks and its faculty use best practices, innovations and a variety of media, interactive games, instruments, strategies, and matrixes and sharpen the skills and perceptions of our associates. students and learners. These tools, techniques, and strategies include:

  • Blogs,

  • Songs,

  • Books;

  • Games;

  • Dances;

  • Articles;

  • Lectures;

  • Podcasts;

  • Websites;

  • Seminars;

  • Exercises:

  • Webinars;

  • Interviews;

  • Broadcasts;

  • Conferences;

  • Consultations;

  • Online courses;

  • Training workshops;

  • Individual and corporate consultations;

  • Management of Speakers at Live Events; and

  • Productions of interactive, educational, instructional and entertaining shows