“God has entrusted me with myself. No man is free who is not master of himself. A man should so live that his happiness shall depend as little as possible on external things. The world turns aside to let any man pass who knows where he is going.” ― Epictetus

Seeking Truth and Sharing Principles That Empower People

Video of The Kweliworks Empowerment Broadcasting Network (KEBN)


KweliWorks, Who We Are

Kweli means Truth in Swahili, the national language of Africa. Thus our name “KweliWorks” means Truth Works. Truth is the Northstar of all our work.

KweliWorks was founded in 1996. It is dedicated to seeking Universal Truths and defining principles that show people how to:

Develop and Expand their potential,

  • Self-empower themselves, and

  • Achieve their dreams in a manner that is:

    • consistent with their passion and purpose,

    • is financially self-sustaining,

    • provides a service that the world needs, and

    • creates a better world.

KweliWorks is comprise of two major divisions:

    • The Kweli Empowerment Broadcasting Network (KEBN), and;

    • The KweliWorks Empowerment Institute (KEI)

We educate and empower people, communities and institutions through:

  • Empowering talks,

  • Experiential learning workshops,

  • Individual & Corporate Consultations,

  • The development of television programs, series, webinars; and

  • Assisting our clients in developing their own television channels

All of our services are designed to help rising and developing people, businesses, communities and institutions acquire the skills, tools and platforms needed to more effectively and efficiently empower themselves and their targeted audiences or constituencies.

The Kweli Empowerment Broadcasting Network (KEBN)

Areas of Digital Media Production Service and Distribution:

Digital Media Production Services:

Conducting Virtual Lectures, Podcast, Seminars, Conferences, Special Live Events; Sales Webinars; Book Parties, and On-line

Production of Digital Media Products Film & TV Programs & Promos:

Development and Production of Broadcast Quality on-line TV shows, news specials, documentaries, sizzles reels, educational and entertainment shows & films

Live Digital Media Production:

Managing and Marketing On-line Art, Music & Film Festivals

Development and Startup of TV Channels on Roku and Amazon Fire:

Development of economically viable Broadcast TV channels and TV stations over Roku and Amazon Fire including both the production and acquisition of original programing

The KweliWorks Empowerment Institute (KEI)

Areas of Master Classes, Talks or Specialized Consultation:

Empowerment Workshops:

Develop and Implement Interactive Empowerment Training Workshops (On-line or in Person)

Portfolio Management:

Promotion & Management of Our Faculty/Speakers at Live Events

Our faculty is diverse and multicultural. Their messages and solutions are

    • unconventional,

    • non-denominational and

    • universal.

In every case our speakers/educators are:

    • world class,

    • out of the box,

    • think smart, not just hard,

    • ahead of the curve experts in their respective fields of expertise.

Each combines the wisdom of the ancients with modern science. However, these thought leaders are not your typical defenders of the establishment, the status quo or group think. Each provides a powerful and passionate testimony of the triumph of truth and the human spirit rising against all odds.

Each is a creative whose presentation is focused on these questions:

    • What’s next,

    • What if, and

    • Why not?

KweliWorks Faculty’s Specialized Areas of Expertise

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