The Kamloops Soccer Referees Association

Scheduler (getting your assigned games)

KSRA is blessed with two fantastic allocators. Morgan Sakaki-Hodder allocates small side (up to u12) and Fahrudin Djelmo allocates youth (y13+), adult, and everything else. These allocators use an online system called "Scheduler".

Scheduler Quick Help Scheduler Detailed Help

Basically, you are assigned an account. You log on and block off days you cannot referee. This is key. The allocators use scheduler to see who is available. The allocators look at the games available, who is available and go from there. We'll get into this more later, referees and ARs must check Scheduler daily and accept or decline games asap. Do NOT wait until the last minute (eg. morning of) to decline a game. .. last year KSRA allocated nearly 4000 games.

Match Report (all but TOYSL, HPL)

These MUST be filled out for every full-side game, and submitted within 24 hrs

Caution Report

Every YELLOW card issued during a game requires one of these to completed within 24 hrs. Do it correctly. Here's how.... An example

Send Off Report

Every RED card requires one of these to complete. These are VERY important. Provide complete details to allow the discipline committees to provide swift and proper response. Here's how ....