The Kamloops Soccer Referees Association

2024 Season


Website:  www.ksra.ca

Email:  ksrasoccer@gmail.com

KSRA Board Members 

President: Rob Colistro (ksrasoccer@gmail.com)

Vice President: Todd Wiseman

Secretary: Ella Colistro

Treasurer / Allocator: Brian Flamank

Directors: Victoria Warner, Jay Hanson, Ryan Susheski

* Jun 22-23  :    KYSA ErrolWild Tournament U12 (SmallSide)

* July 04-07  :   Provincial Youth B-Cup (50 oot officials 10 local)
* July 06         :   League1 Rivers  Saturday v VHFC

* July 14         :   League1 Rivers  Sunday v TSS

* July 18-21  :   Provincial Youth A-Cup (30 oot officials 15 local)

* July 20         :   League1 Rivers  Saturday v WFC

* July 21-22 :   Indo-Cdn Tournament (Mac ~ 17 games)
* Aug02-05  :   KIST Adult Tournament  (Mac ~ 100 games)

Past Events

* Apr 20-21  :     KSL/KWSL SoccerFest 7v7 tourney

* Apr 22          :     Mens & Womens Leagues and Coed Begin
* Apr 26-27  :     Merritt HighSchool Tournament
* Apr 27          :     BCSPL  (3  games 2pm Mac 1,2,5 14B, 14G,16B )

* Apr 28          :     League1 Rivers v Alt

* May 04-05:    BCSPL  (Sat (3) & Sun (4)  games 1pm,3pm Mac 1,2,5 )
* May 04-05:    KYSA Mike Bartram u14-18 Tournament
* May 18-20:    KYSA Slurpee Cup Rep Tournament  (Mac ~ 213 games)

* May 26        :    BCSPL  (Sun 4  games 1pm,3pm Mac 1,2,5 )

* Jun 01-02  :    League1 Rivers Saturday v Har,  Sunday v Uni

* Jun 16          :   League1 Rivers  Sunday v BFC


All games, with the exception of CoEd and u15House and Tournament games are to be entered into this system

The new link ...please bookmark this, on both your PC and your Mobile phone is


Please watch this VIDEO which explains how the new software works ..it is really quite simple.


Note:  In the video, i incorrectly say that your username is in the format 'bflamank' when in fact it should be 'b_flamank'

FIRST TIME USE ONLY !!  (Do this to setup your login password)

Use the link below.


You are asked for your username or email address.

If you use your Username note that it MUST be in the format

b_flamank, r_colistro, t_wiseman ..etc..  (as in firstname initial followed by underline, followed by lastname)

PLEASE  have your ARBITER BLOCKS up to date and accurate for the rest of April and May (if you can)

Hot Topics

Extreme Weather
For adult league games we should have water breaks when temps are 28 degrees or higher.  If teams agree to shortened halves, please accommodate.

Provincial B Cup ..all games are to have waterbreaks (short 2mins) and time is added to account for these water breaks.

Thunder or lightning are to result in a  30min stoppage undercover, with any recurrance of Thunder or Lightning 'resetting' the 30 mins.  This is in accordance to the following


Pay Increases
(updates in pay rates for both Middles and ARs)

AGM Special Meeting Minutes below
(Constitutional Amendments)


Arbiter Blocks 

Do your blocks for April thru June (or as far into the season as you can go accurately). Try to keep  blocks for 3-4 weeks ahead as accurate as possible.   Declines should be rare.

Here's a link to a YouTube video which explains exactly how to do it.
Blocks in Arbiter 

Read this step by step how to guide

Do this daily or weekly based on how dynamic your schedule is.  It REALLY is important.

Register Now !
(Entry Level members are already registered)

Register at www.refcentre.com
Choose 'Refresher Courses',  'Self-Guided Refresher', then 'Pay Now'  (Cost = $72.71)

NEW OFFICIALS - This is how to Register !

We've got 30 spots available for new officials for the ENTRY LEVEL course .. get registered NOW !!
The course consists of 4 parts. 

1.  Register for the course at   https://www.refcentre.com/bc  (search in Thompson Okanagan region, click 'Register' for the KSRA course #1944)
2. Online Self Study (approx 7-10 hrs on your own time and schedule  ... so give yourself a few days to do this)

3. Online Zoom session (approx 2.5 hrs on Thurs APRIL 6TH  6-830PM)

4. In Person session at TCC (approx 3 hrs on Saturday APRIL 15 1-430)

Course cost is a completely reimburseable  $137
Upon completion of 15 games and attendance in 2 great education sessions led by FIFA level officials ... you will be reimbursed the entire amount.
This reimbursement is made possible by donations from the local Womens and Mens  leagues  ($500 ea) , and the KSRA.
We've got strong pricing on new uniforms from local Hansport as well.