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The top 5 Referee Decisions that shook the world

Analysis of Match Situations

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FIFA Offside

It's a complex rule. Make sure you know it well

MLS Highlights - Offside Focus

The Flash-Lag Effect ***

This is a MUST read to be an AR at a high level !

Hilarious clip. Training to be a referee.

Managing Dissent (Part 1)

Sometimes you are not the most popular one on the pitch..learn how to cope ..

Managing Dissent (Part 2)

Darren Clark dives deep into making your game smoother

Duties of the Fourth Official

Know what to do as a 4th ..

Preventive Officiating

Stop the trouble before it happens. Marco A. Dorantes, CONCACAF

Entry Level Course Booklet

First year as a District referee. Learn the basics right here.

Funny Referee Moments

7 Steps of Wall Management

Ceremonial restarts done right..

Proper Positioning

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The ThrowIn .. (FIFA)

Know what's required by a middle and an AR

Referee and AR Signals

Look confident and professional on the pitch

FIFA 'Teamwork'

Ensure that everyone knows their role as a member of the officiating team ..

Ref Black Book Game Card #2

Print these out, cut into cards for your black book. Be organized on the pitch !

Caution and Send-Off Report: Must include league, game, date, offender name, number, team, category of incident, game time (ie..75th minute), description of incident. Sample report Sample Caution Report

Do's and Don'ts in misconduct reporting: Misconduct Reporting Handout