All games for U13 and up, with very few exceptions, require a GAME REPORT submitted by the Middle official within 24 hrs of the game.   See below for hyperlinks specific to each league


All games, with the exception of CoEd and u15House and Tournament games are to be entered into this system

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FIRST TIME USE ONLY !!  (Do this to setup your login password)

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You are asked for your username or email address.

If you use your Username note that it MUST be in the format

b_flamank, r_colistro, t_wiseman ..etc..  (as in firstname initial followed by underline, followed by lastname)

Adult Leagues & High School Reporting (not TOYSL)

Below are the OLD links for Game Reporting...use as a last resort now !

Arrive  at least 20 mins prior to game; pre-game with your AR team.   
Game Report (ALL GAMES < 24 HRS)
Caution (YC)    
Send Off (RC) 

Premier League (BCSPL)

Arrive  at least 30 mins prior to game; pre-game with your AR team.  
BCSPL Reporting with Comet Documentation      

BCSPL Reporting      

BCSPL Game Score Entry 

BCSPL Comet System Setup

BCSPL is a province wide league of regional teams. Thompson-Okanagan FC  will play on several weekends in 2024, the first on April 27rd (three games).
Pregame team list checks are required, so early arrival is a must.

When the game is completed, the Middle shall login to the COMET assigning system and enter in the game score and any discipline (YC/RC) and submit this within 24 hrs.  You should be able to do this right after the game using the Comet Mobile App.  See the links to the right to get setup and submit your first game reports.

Sample Report

Caution (YC)
At 35'  #22 Peter Bigsby of Joes Plumbing  recklessly pushed the Eagles Nest defender while challenging for the ball at midfield; was shown YC for USB

Send Off  (RC)
At 22'  #13 John Luckless of Joes Plumbing  went into a tackle at midfield at high speed with leg straight and studs high to contact the Eagles Nest defender high on the leg knocking him down with excessive force, endangering the opponent without regard for safety. John was shown RC for SFP.  He accepted the card without further comment and departed to the sideline.

DFK - Direct Free Kick
IFK -  Indirect Free Kick
PK - Penalty Kick
YC -  Yellow Card
RC - Red Card
YC - Yellow Card or Caution
USB - Unsporting Behavior (Yellow Card)
SPA - Stopping a Promising Attack
DT - Dissent (Yellow Card)

PI - Persistent Infringement (Yellow Card)
DR - Delaying the Restart (Yellow Card)
FRD - Failure to respect the distance (Yellow Card)
SFP - Serious Foul Play (Red Card)
VC - Violent Conduct (Red Card)
OFFINABUS - Offensive, Insulting or Abusive Language (Red Card)
DOGSO - Denying Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity
DOG - Denying Obvious Goal
PIOP - Player in Offside position
ITOOTR - In the opinion of the referee
PA - Penalty Area

TOYSL Youth Rep Ref Instructions

Arrive  at least 20 mins prior to game  time and check team lists (after Apr28) &  IDs (for 14&up).

Match reporting is only required for TOYSL games in the event that you have issued YC or RC discipline.  
In this case complete and submit the following forms with completed information within 24 hours, attach and email to

Use the links below (which access fillin PDF files to be attached to the email) for the reporting of any TOYSL discipline. 

Caution (YC)    Send Off (RC) 

ProTip:  Use your copy of the game sheet to assist you in completing these 

DO's and DON'Ts

DO  Reports within 24 hrs of every game
DO  Include names and number of players (eg..  4-Johnson,Steve)
DO  Use abbreviations shown below in your reports
DO  Describe Caution fouls as 'reckless' and SendOff fouls as 'excessive'
DO  Describe relevant information which leagues and KSRA should know about the fields
DO  Provide FACTS
DONT  Describe non-relevant information  (eg... "it was a windless day and the sun shone brightly")
DONT offer your OPINION or recommendations