Catherine Wycoff |  Physical Therapist | Feldenkrais Practitioner | Equine Rehabilitation 

Don’t Let Pain Hold You Back from Enjoying Life—Kinetic Balance Can Provide Your Solution

Kinetic Balance puts your pain in the past and helps you and your horse live your best life despite your challenges. Dedicated to treating patients holistically, Kinetic Balance combines traditional and complementary treatment techniques with caring and compassion. Listening and investing the time necessary to fully understand the patient’s issues ensures individualized, pain-free, treatment plans are developed that significantly improve lives.

We focus on the complete patient rather than just their disease or issues so more complete, successful results are achieved for our human and equine patients. Through our comprehensive approach we are able to resolve difficult issues.

Kinetic Balance is passionate about:

With a doctorate in physical therapy and 30 years of leading-edge experience in orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics, hippotherapy, and ergonomics, Catherine Wycoff, who is the heart and soul of Kinetic Balance, has a wealth of knowledge that is incorporated into effective, personalized, patient care. She is a:

Kinetic Balance provides Myofascial Release, and Bemer Microcirculation Therapy.

Extensive education and training in Europe and the United States has provided Catherine, who is fluent in English and French, with a broad spectrum of treatment tools. Her many clients worldwide have benefited significantly from this international complement of expertise.

On-site, customized, one-on-one treatment sessions in a relaxing office on a tranquil horse farm await you. 

A wealth of online courses is also available.

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