Popular Articles

In addition to academic articles, I publish frequently in popular media spaces (print and video). Below are some examples of print media I've published for popular audiences, organized by subject area. To see podcasts I've appeared on and other video media I've released click here.

Thoughts on The Phenomenon of Childhood and Education

How Wrong is Academic Cheating?, Pedagogies of Punishment Blog, March 2022

How We've Childproofed Our Cities (Review of Design of Childhood, by Alexandra Lange), Reason Magazine, January '19 Issue.

Kids Don't Need to be Well-Rounded; They Need to Be Passionate, Foundation for Economic Education, September 2017.

Why I No Longer Ask Kids How They are Doing in School, Foundation for Economic Education, May 2017.

Don't Assume I'm Smarter Than My Contractor, Foundation for Economic Education, September 2015.

4 Reasons People Assume I'm Smarter Than My Contractor, Foundation for Economic Education, October, 2015.

School Choice

School Choice: Whether, Why, How, Cato Unbuond, May 2014 (This was the lead essay for an issue of Cato Unbound, where four scholars discuss a particular issue. This issue was on Entrepreneurship and Education).

Five Types of School Choice, Learn Liberty, January 2017.

Let's Ditch One-Size-Fits-All Schooling, Foundation for Economic Education, August 2017.

Why Schools Don't Learn, Foundation for Economic Education, April 2016.


Psychologizing Philosophy, Electric Agora, March 2022

Isaiah Berlin and a Messier Pluralism, Electric Agora, September 2020

Postmodernism As Truth in Advertising, Electric Agora, June 2019


Dirty Words (Review of Adams's In Praise of Profanity), Reason Magazine, January 2017.

"They" is Now Singular? Foundation of Economic Education, February 2016.

Articles I've Been Interviewed for or Appeared In

School's Out... The Psychologist Magazine, February 2020