Academic Articles

Below is a list of academic articles and book reviews I've published in journals. I've also provided hyperlinks to those that are available freely online. Click here to for a description of projects I'm currently working on.

Academic Articles:

Currie-Knight, K. (2019). Why Markets May Best Promote Care in Education. Journal of Markets & Morality, 22(1).

Currie-Knight, Kevin. 2014. “Of Care, Commerce, and Classrooms: Why Care in Education May Best Be Achieved through Markets.” Philosophy of Education Society Yearbook: 398–405.

Currie-Knight, K. (2012). Education, Decentralization, and the Knowledge Problem: A Hayekian Case for Decentralized Education. Philosophical Studies in Education, 43, 117–127. Retrieved from

Currie-Knight, K. (2011). The [other] half of knowledge”: John Dewey, Michael Oakeshott, and parallel critiques of rationalism in education. Bajo Palabra, 6, 63–72.

Academic Book Reviews:

Currie-Knight, K. (2018). Review of Bryan Caplan’s The Case Against Education. Journal of Value Inquiry, 1–6.

Currie-Knight, K. (2017). Review of The knowledge illusion: Why we never think alone. Education Review, 24.

Currie-Knight, K. (2016). Review of "Rethinking thought: Inside the minds of creative scientists. Education Review, 23.

Currie-Knight, K. (2016). The Prize: Who’s in Charge of America’s Schools? The Cato Journal, 36(1), 191-.