Podcasts and Videos

Here are some videos I've done, podcasts I've hosted and been a guest on, and other non-print media. For more of my videos, check out my youtube channel.

A recent video I did (based on a mini-lecure I gave) on six ways I think schools must change.

This is Part 1 of a 7 part set of video tutorials I recorded on Socratic Seminar (everything from how to choose texts and craft discussion questions to how to moderate).

An episode of the Free Thoughts Podcast where I was a guest. The topic was "Why Schools Haven't Changed in Hundreds of Years"

Below are a few epsidoes of my now discontinued podcast "Schooled: Conversations About Education." These are just some of my favorites. For more episodes, check out Schooled's Youtube page.

w/ philosopher David Weinberger on How Technology Changes Education

w/ journalist Megan McArdle on the Importance of Failure to Learning

w/ psychologist Dan Willingham on Pseudoscience in Education

w/ psychologist Dan McAdams on the Art and Science of Personality

w/ psychologist Steve Sloman on Why (and How) We Never Think Alone

w/ educator Marsha Enright on Montessori's Approach to Education