Welcome to Joyful Education

Joyful Educationđź’› was founded by Stefanie Wilkinson and Lou Mycroft in the summer of 2020, following the momentum experienced in Covid-lockdown around the need for change in education. It is the enterprise arm of the non-profit movement and constellation, #JoyFEđź’›

Our ethos is Culture Change - Community - Communication. You can see how we make this happen, below.

We are education specialists creating communities and spaces for people to come together. We specialise in culture development and organisational change, with expertise in evidenced and practice based professional development and teaching and learning improvement. We are also specialists in coaching and mentoring and therefore strongly promote growth, personal development, and creating the conditions for people to flourish. Joyful Education champions teacher wellbeing and lead a national wellbeing initiative as well as providing a wellbeing package for schools and colleges through our network of partners.

Our many years' experience in education, working within organisations and nationally, in leadership, management, pedagogy and governance, give us a broad view of what's possible and we are not afraid to work towards a far horizon, no matter how big the challenge. Through Joyful Education's sister project JoyFEđź’› - founded at the beginning of lockdown - we have demonstrated the benefits of values-led, anti-competitive approaches. We will ask you, 'What do you stand for?' and take that as our starting point, for working with you.

We stand for collaboration, growth and unity. We work with affirmative principles and find the joy in education, whilst not being afraid to call out what's going wrong. Working with us means that everyone will be heard.

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What we Offer

Wellbeing Wednesday

Wellbeing Wednesday is the newest way to support you and your teams. Through our team of specialist wellbeing partners, we are delivering a range of options, including whole organisational wellness programmes, so that you can develop your resilience, feel better, reduce burnout, improve your energy and motivation as well as feel more connected to your work and your purpose. This initiative is designed to bring your impactful wellbeing solutions.

Thinking Environment

The Thinking Environment is a disciplined and radically simple set of processes which have the potential to change society and which are certainly transforming organisations, teams and even families. One of the joys of commissioning Joyful Education to facilitate Thinking Environment work for your organisation is that you bring the content and we enable the process, leaving a community building, morale raising legacy when we leave.

Professional Learning and Development

Joyful Education delivers a wide range of professional learning and development sessions and events. We offer values-led, personally designed bespoke training for groups and organisations focused on the main themes of Culture development, Community, Communication and Teaching and Learning Quality Improvement, including innovation and digital development.

Ideas Rooms

Ideas Rooms are a one-hour, virtual space where efficient thinking happens, in an environment of encouragement, attention and ease. Everyone is welcome to join the #JoyFEđź’› public Ideas Room at 8pm every Wednesday but why not commission Ideas Room training for your organisation and take this culture changing phenomenon in-house?

Common feedback from people who attend the IdeasRoom include a refreshed outlook, excitement about the future, optimistic creative thinking and a buzz about feeling connected.


Joyful Education offers two coaching approaches, for leadership, performance and personal growth. Excellence coaching with Stef uses Thinking Environment and other approaches to provide an education-specific, challenging and nurturing space. Thinking Environment coaching with Lou puts your thinking front and centre, enabling you to uncover untrue limiting assumptions and identify alternative liberating beliefs. All our coaching takes place online.

Culture Change

Joyful Education's bespoke Culture Change programmes start with the question 'What do you stand for?' We will co-develop trust building transformational approaches with you, which are completely contexualised to your organisation in the current climate. We draw on processes such as Three Horizons to help you bring future aspirations well within reach. The impact is more cohesive teams, an inspirational vision, increased motivation and a true sense of mission and belonging. All which leads to phenomenal performance.


Joyful Education's Communities programme addresses perennial issues around morale, identity, belonging, wellbeing and trust. Community building skills - virtual and physical - have never been more necessary to our social fabric and Joyful Education has an exceptional track record in building communities, grounded in unique processes.

Evidence shows that teams perform better, there is an increase in productivity and motivation when there is a sense of community and belonging within an organisation. We will show you how to to apply the theory and build better communities within education and beyond.

Our first online training event is Fri 13th November 2020.

High Performing Teaching Teams

This workshop focuses on evidence and practice based principles of developing and creating high performing teaching teams. With a focus on application, there will be a mix of theory, research and practical based strategies and solutions for all managers and leaders to take away and apply in their own settings.

Key Themes:

  • Creating the conditions for teachers to flourish

  • Professional learning and support strategies to improve performance

  • Quality Improvement cycles to create meaningful momentum

  • Teacher wellbeing and performance

  • Developing Innovative cultures in a time of change

#BeKind Social Communication

Online communication is not going away and yet the noise around it drowns out the importance of dialogic engagement - being able to communicate across disagreement. This training is a must for individuals, teams and organisations who take communication seriously. Using Non-Violent Communication and Thinking Environment processes, Joyful Education will facilitate you to consider online behaviours and fact-checking alongside developing 21st century communication skills.