I am interested in the Global Atlantic and the connections between the colonial ventures in the Early Modern World. More specifically, I am interested in the intellectual and religious connections of the mid-seventeenth century and the continuations of global religious conflicts in the Atlantic world. As an example, an area that I am researching is the extension of the English Civil War into the colony of Maryland and the religio-political clashes between the largely Royalist Catholic population and the minority puritan and Protestant populations from both Maryland and Virginia including the establishment of the puritan settlement of Providence, which is now a town called Eastport near Annapolis.

I am interested in the intellectual and philosophical elements of the Early Modern Atlantic and European worlds. As such, I am deeply interested in Utopia literature as it relates to the larger imperial and commercial empires. Specifically, I am deeply fascinated by James Harrington's The Commonwealth of Oceana and would, if possible, do a whole separate PhD focused on this work. Much of my work focuses on the development of slavery in the colonies and the nature of Republican philosophies, but I am not working from an American history tradition. I see immense value in the comparative history and global history approaches in that they allow for a more accurate and encompassing scope when looking at an individual moment.

Please see my Publications page for my history publications and conference presentations. Additionally, please see my Digital Projects page for information on the digital humanities projects I have developed and am a part of.


· English, fluent (native)

· French, reading and intermediate speaking

· Italian, reading

· German, reading

· Latin, reading

I have also begun to work on Dutch and Spanish to compliment my larger project.