Digital Projects

Below you will find brief descriptions and links to digital projects I am associated with

Samuel Morland &The History of the Evangelical Churches of the Valleys of Piemont

Project lead and researcher

The most important goal of this project is to create an accessible scholarly digital edition of Morland's vital, yet often overlooked text that centrally highlights important elements of Cromwellian religio-political statecraft aspirations in Europe and at home.

The History of the Evangelical Churches of the Valleys of the Piemont is a dense and fascinating text spanning both a deep exegesis of so-called Primitive Christianity, a history of the medieval heretical sect the Waldensians, the connections to the later Italian Waldenses and a full accounting the atrocious massacre of this group at the order of the Duke of Savoy. Additionally, this text provides the operations of the Cromwellian foreign office as it provides the speeches presented to the heads of important Protestant states... more

The Recusant Print Network Project

Project lead, researcher, and sole contributor

This project seeks to understand how the use of data-driven visualizations of sixteenth and seventeenth-century title page imprint information can illuminate aspects of the recusant printer network in the era of high-recusancy (c.1558-1640). This is largely a project of remediation with the goal of investigating whether new insight into an established field can be gained by collating, analyzing, and graphically displaying like information —in this case recusant literature— that is distinct from traditional forms of scholarship. I argue that by removing the impediments of shelf-bound and geographically separated volumes and by quantifying elements of their creation, the network and nature of recusant literature is made more immediate by illustrating trends and anomalies at the same level of access and visibility and thereby potentially opening new avenues of research... more

Slavery, Law, and Power

Assistant Editor and Digital Humanities Consultant

Holly Brewer, UMD, Project Director and Lead Editor

"Slavery, Law, and Power (SLAP) is a project dedicated to bringing the many disparate sources that help to explain the long history of slavery and its connection to struggles over power in early America, particularly in the colonies that would become the United States. Going back to the early English Empire, this project traces the rise of the slave trade along with the parallel struggles between monarchical power and early democratic institutions and ideals..." more