John Salmon Watercolours

Welcome, I create traditional watercolour paintings using similar methods as the early watercolour masters.

I specialise in painting small format landscapes inspired by the woodland, trees, brooks and streams in Enfield and Edmonton, North London where I live.

My work is in many collections where I have earned a reputation for producing high quality fine art.

J.M.W. Turner was the visionary giant who fired my passion in watercolour painting at an early age.

I'm pleased to display some of my artwork over the next few pages. There is a section on my Traditional Watercolour Paintings and a section on my Contemporary Art. I also include some Watercolour Painting Demonstration videos to show the painting process.

I'm not precious about my artwork, I sell them at a very reasonable price as I feel art should be for everyone not just the wealthy. I only need to sell enough to buy new pigments and materials so that I can keep painting. I also explain my choices for the materials and tools I use on my Equipment page.

Artists are no more special than skilled plumbers or carpenters. When Turner visited wealthy people to paint commissions, he was considered as no more than a humble tradesman and would eat in the kitchen with the cooks and scullery maids.