John Salmon Watercolours

Welcome to my world of traditional watercolour painting. As an Enfield artist, I strive to follow in the footsteps of the early watercolour masters, using similar methods and techniques to create breath taking pieces that transport you to a world of timeless beauty.

My speciality lies in painting small format landscapes inspired by the woodlands, trees, brooks, and streams of Enfield and Edmonton, nestled in the heart of North London.

Watercolour painting of a stream.

My work has found a place in many collectors homes, where I have earned a reputation for producing high quality fine art in the tradition of the English School of Watercolour Painting.

I'm pleased to display some of my artwork over the next few pages.   You can explore my Traditional Watercolours as well as some unusual, imaginative art in my Contemporary Art gallery.   Additionally, I have included some interesting Watercolour Painting Demonstration videos to provide a glimpse into the magic of the watercolour painting process.

Many of my paintings are based on sketches and memories from the places where I grew up. These include Whitewebbs, Hilly Fields, Forty Hill, Turkey Brook and Salmon's Brook. To this day they provide year round inspiration for me as an artist.

I believe that original art should be accessible to all, not just the elite. I sell my artwork at a very reasonable price, as I wish to make it available to everyone. I just need to cover my costs for new pigments and materials, so I can continue to paint and create art.

The outstanding watercolour master J.M.W. Turner, was the visionary giant who fired my passion in watercolour painting and art at an early age. For a fascinating read about Turner  and the most in-depth description of his working methods I've seen, then please read  Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851)  in Bruce MacEvoy's outstanding, encyclopaedic  watercolour website Handprint

On my Equipment page, I explain in detail the materials and tools I use to create my artwork. I'm happy to share my knowledge and expertise with other aspiring artists and art enthusiasts. I hope you enjoy your visit to my website.