Watercolour Charger Innovation

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In 2006 I was having problems with my watercolour painting. I couldn't achieve the smooth gradations that I wanted. I spent months experimenting and finally made a simple tool that helped. Water was charged into the root of the brush instead of the tip. It was a very fast and efficient way of adding water to the brush so I called it "The Watercolour Charger".

On my previous website I gave detailed instructions on how to make your own charger but many people found it beyond their skill set so I designed a couple of simpler versions which most people could tackle. I have included a couple of videos here which will give you a good idea of how to make and use one. Personally I prefer to use one with a reservoir of water for convenience. I made the one I currently use from a small Avon air freshener spray bottle. If I get enough requests I'll make another video and show how it was made and how it is used. If you are keen enough to want to make your own, watch all three videos and you should get a good idea of how to go about it.

This was the first video showing how the charger is used. This charger was made using a pet feeder bottle which is no longer available. I then created some simpler versions which were easier to make. See the following videos.

I tried to design a charger which used easily available items. This one used a container which was widely available and a giant paper clip which was not a good idea because it would rust after time.

This was the last one. I used plastic this time to stop the problem of rusting. My current charger uses a stainless steel cradle which doesn't rust and is nice and smooth to use.